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Floyd S. Werner, Jr.
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Aug 06, 2005
10:44 PM
I am trying to get information to make a decal sheet of this great American and his airplanes.

I am trying to piece together the markings for all of Sammy Pierce's airplanes. I have FIVE specific aircraft identified with him.

Kay the Stawberry Blonde/Pistoff Pat- Number 42 a P-40E-1- I'm trying to find photos of the right side which had the Pistoff Pat markings. I have a few of the left side cowlings.

P-40E-5- Number 50- Any photos other than what is in "Protect and Avenge"

Kay the Stawberry Blonde/Haileh Wolf- P-40N-5- I'm looking for the complete nose markings on the right side. I'd love to find a photo aft of the nose section to the tail. I'm also trying to verify that the aircraft had stars but no bars on the national insignia.

Kay the Strawberry Blonde-P-38J-15- I can not find any photos of this P-38. I understand that it had the markings on the nose and three kill markings but no photos exist that I know of.

And finally, Kay the Strawberry Blonde-P-38L-5- Again no photos exist of this machine. I understand that there were six victory markings on the aircraft.

For those interested here are some links to my models of Sammy's aircraft:

I realize that my P-38 has too many kill markings. I learned this after the build it and I'm too afraid to try to remove them. I may just paint over them.

Thanks for any help you can give. I appreciate it.

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