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7 January 1943
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Nov 15, 2005
5:00 PM
I received this message from Ken Klark. thanks, John

> Would you be so kind as to place the following message on the 7 and 8
> Fighter Squadron Bulletin Boards.
> "I am currently writing a book that covers the actions of the 7 and 8
> Fighter Squadrons over Lae on 7 January 1943 when a Japanese convoy
> was attacked by 7 and 8 Squadron Kttyhawks. Particularly interested in
> contacting any pilots involved in that action. Please contact
> phillbrad@yahoo.com "
> Regards,
> Phil Bradley
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Apr 01, 2008
5:28 AM

Back from a break

Per the 7th FS period

Oro Bay Eng#42-85096 7thFS 1st Lt John Yancey
Oro Bay Eng#42-99206 7thFS 2nd Lt Sheldon Brinson
Oro Bay Eng#42-99329 #21 "Vera" 7thFS 2nd Lt John H Griffith
Oro Bay Eng#42-85396 7thFS 1st Lt A T House

Hope that helps,...just need the P-40K-5 FY serial to go with the eng#. sigh

Does anyone know what P-40K Group # 2nd Lt Robert Greene flew on the 06/02/43?

Here's a lookin per 07/12/42 for the 7thFS 07/12/42

Buna P-40K-5 FY#42-45966 #24 "Nip Nipper" 7thFS 1st Lt Frank Nicols shot down a Jap Type 97

Have to dig the 8thFS details up. There around somewhere, those little P-40E/E-1s,..details in a box


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Apr 01, 2008
6:04 AM
Dear Phil,

Incidently to get a higher authenticity rating, stop calling US AAF P-40Es or Ks or Ns flamin Kittyhawks! They're P-40s Mate.

If you want to use the correct given name by Curtiss Wright its "Warhawk".

That aside :) , you're after the 8th FS shoot down spree per 07/01/43 in the Markham Valley PNG?

Until there's a 8thPS site, I guess the boys of 7thFS wouldn't mind a bit of 8thFS banter and showing their great pride in shooting down the following list and per the 07/01/43. The Eightballers gave the Japs as blooding :)

Those with ET Serials are P-40E-1s, those with 41-5*** are P-40Es

41-5648 8thFS/49thFG #59 "Gremlin's Rendezvous"/Jayne Carmen "Project"X" 01/01/42 "X" 26/02/42
crs landed 2/8/42 Adelaide River NT Capt Mitchell Sims CO of 8thFS, 49thFG . Had Man on Out house Motif forward
of Star. P49 P&Av. Repaired. Flown by Lt Arthur Weniqe 26/12/42 PNG 8thFS.Flown by Lt R L Howard 8thFS 07/01/43 s/d
1 Zero.

41-25169 ET493 8thFS/49thFG SS NYC Netherlands Contract . 17/02/1942 9/03/1942
7/12/1944 #? New York City, to Australia Proj X 08/03/42 Flown by 2nd Lt Joe Littleton 07/01/43 8thFS
when s/d Zero Markham Valley.Landing Accident Archerfield 18/10/43 per Lt J Wilson. Write-off. Condemned 7/12/44.

41-35972 ET618 8thFS/49thFG SS Newport News 5/03/1942 4/04/1942
Nov-44 #43 "Jerry II" Newport News to Australia 5/3/42 off2/11/44 SUMAC.
Was flown by Lt William "Bill" Day, ex 17th PS(Prov) Java Vet 6/42. Flown by Bill Day 07/01/43 when s/d 2 Szeros
in Markham Valley.

41-25175 ET499 #40 8thFS/49thFG SS NYC Netherlands Contract . 20/02/1942 9/03/1942 17/08/1943
17/08/1943 #40 (Had Shamrock in front of # on Cowl) New York City, to Australia Proj X 08/03/42,
Flown by 2nd Lt W A Blakley 8thFS 07/01/43 who s/d one Zero in Markham Valley. Wrecked 17/08/43, Gonutu PT PNG
2Lt Robert Crow, eng o/heated

41-36086 ET732 SUMAC/LEFT #62 8thFS/49thFG SS NYC 16/03/1942 5/05/1942 1/03/1946
#62 " Sarah 2nd" Flown by 1st Lt R E Jordan 8th FS 07/01/43 who s/d 2 Zeros in Markham Valley Off SUMAC 3/5/44

41-36087 ET733 SUMAC/LEFT #54 8thPS/49thFG SS NYC 16/03/1942 5/05/1942 3/05/1944
#54 "Kansas City Kiddie"/A Diplomat"(To Tokio) Flown by 2nd Lt R H White 8th FS 07/01/43 who s/d 2 Zeros in Markham
Valley 22/06/43 William B Harris Off SUMAC 3/5/44

41-36160 ET806 8th FS/49thFG SS St Johns 26/03/1942 1/05/1942 3/05/1944 #?
Flown by Capt L M Kirsch 07/01/43 who s/d 1 Zero Markham Valley. off LEFT 3/5/44 a/c 10/07/43 Lt Polhamus

41-36170 ET816 8thFS/49thFG SS St Johns 27/03/1942 1/05/1942 12/01/1944 #?
Flown by Capt K E Johns 07/01/43 8th FS and s/d 1 Zero in Markham Valley. off LEFT 12/1/44


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