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Member of the 7th from 1972 to 1973
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Mark McCormick
1 post
Jan 04, 2006
8:51 PM
Just wanted to post a note about my time with the 7th. I was a Buck-Sergeant (3 stripes) and was in Admin. One of my jobs was getting security clearances for our personnel along with some general typing and filing.

We were deployed to Takhli Thailand during the summer of 72 (hottest few months I every spent and I was from Tucson AZ!). Our commander was Col. Walters, and sometime after we returned Col. Watts took over command.

While we were in Thailand one of the biggest enemies we engaged was a virus called the "Takhli Trots". It would lay you low...must not be farther than a few feet away from a bathroom at all times (affected both ends).

One of my jobs in Takhli was dropping off and picking up our pilots from the flight line. Etiquette called for us to pick up the senior officer first than the rest. One day the 49th Squadron Executive Officer was flying with us and when I pulled up to his plane, he jumped in the truck and told me to get him to Headquarters as fast as I could. When I asked about the rest of the pilots, he said "Just get moving, I have to S..T so bad I can taste it!

So, I did as he asked and I really caught it from the other pilots when I got back to our squadron because they had to hoof it back to debriefing and then the squadron, carrying all their gear.

While in Thailand we had one of our F4's shot down, but fortunately they were heading home and ejected over water and both the pilot and navigator were picked up by the Navy and returned safely back to the squadron.

I remember a Lt. Commander Korsmo who was a Navy Pilot attached to our Squadron for a time. I also remember a fellow Admin Sergeant named Coleman. He re-enlisted before I discharged in 1973.

Later on that year, we deployed to Bitburg Germany per our NATO commitment. Spangdahlem was the normal assignment, but in 1972 we went to Bitburg instead. Really enjoyed that assignment and got to go to Paris for a weekend while we were there.

Anyway...just wanted to post a note to see if anyone out there was around when I was.

Take care,

1 post
Jun 30, 2009
8:37 AM
Hi Mark!
Just stumbled into this website. What a treat. I recall a couple of names. MSgt Leonard Lamb and Sgt Dan Shackleford. I too take pride in being a member of the Bunyaps(aka Bunyips). The trip to Bitburg and the weekend in Paris were great. Do you recall the "red light district" in Paris?

It's great to see your name and fire up the old memories of the 7th.

Take care, your roomie,

Patrick King
Mark McCormick
2 posts
Sep 08, 2017
8:18 PM
Anyone spend time with the 7th TFS (Fighting Bunyaps) during 1972 to 1973? We got deployed to Takhli, Thailand the summer of '72 and went to Bitburg, Germany in 1973.

Love to hear from you if you were in the 7th TFS.

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