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Crews and their assigned P-40Ns
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Sep 02, 2006
10:34 AM

Can any Veterans list Pilots,Crewchief's,Assistants who were assigned on particular P-40Ns ?

Also,can any Veteran confirm if Sgt. Paul J.Vogelpohl was assigned to Robert DeHaven's P-40N '13' "RITA" ?

Who was Maj.Arland Stanton's Crew Chief, on his P-40N '20'


Kind regards

Jason Van Der Graaf
< waxx76@optusnet.com.au >
Western Australia
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May 15, 2007
1:29 PM
I was the pilot of P-40N #28, O'Riley's Daughter.
My crew chief was Sgt. Frank Lopez.
On May15, 1944, I was flying a different plane because 28 was out for an overhaul when we had the big dog-fight over Biak Island, and I got my one kill.
Back over the strip at Hollandia, I did my victory roll and landed.
Sgt. Lopez jumped up on the wing with tears in his eyes and said "Dammit, Lieutenant, I could have had that engine work done!"
I have a great picture of him.
Thanks for your interest in our gang.
Jack Fenimore

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