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"Poopy II"
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Oct 19, 2006
8:23 AM
I am writing a paper on the famous 7th FS Ace Colonel A T House. I am looking for pictures primarily, but would also like to hear from others who know about his war time exploits with the 7th FS. As all of you know about his famous battle for Horn Island, which is the title of my paper. Need help faast as I am up against a wall on time. Pictures are very important as I have only one of him taxiing "Poppy II" his P-40 which went on to be Future Ace's Robert DeHaven's very first combat mount.

Gregg W
5 posts
Oct 30, 2006
9:24 AM
Response to Poopy II. Have you reviewed the book "Protect and Avenge" by Ferguson. Pg 31-32. My cousin Capt.Don Sutliff was believed to fly with House after Horn Island.
1 post
Nov 21, 2006
3:38 AM

Need more information on the aircraft flown by the two?

P-40K-5 FY42-46288 #?? 7thFS 1st Lt A T House flown on 14/07/43

With P-40K-5 FY42-45985 #13 7thFS flown by 2nd Lt Robert M De Haven on that day

De Haven would be flying in October 1943 in P-40N FY42-104957 #13 7thFS as 1st Lt


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