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Covering bombers over Hainan Island
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Dec 03, 2007
5:57 PM
Hello all! I am writing down all the stories my Dad told me as I was growing up. There was one, in particular, that I was interested in that I was hoping to get a little more info on. My Dad's flight was escorting bombers over Hainan Island, near China, and intercepted about 20 japs who were trying to get to the bombers. Most of that flight were newbees, and as I understood it, Dad and Joel Paris did most of the fighting. Dad told me that the goal was to keep them off the bombers, so it was take a shot here, take a shot there, etc. The bombers reported 17 shot down. Dad didn't know if any were shot down, as they had their hands full and could't follow up.

How realistic is the claim of the bomber crews? That seems like it was a wild claim. I know Dad didn't think it was accurate, but it would be good to find out what really happened that day. Does anyone know of Joel Paris' email address? I think he is still alive and kicking.

I would also greatfully accept any knowledge of actions that Dad was in that I may not have heard about.

Dad also was in on the attack on shipping in Ormac bay. The squadron history has him as cap that day, but his log shows he made 4 trips up that day, and one of them says "dive bomb shipping". He said that was the first time that he thought he wouldn't make it back. His bombs hung up and he made another pass all alone. They still didn't drop, but the second trip, with all the ships firing at him, convinced him that a 3rd trip would have been a little risky, so he lobbed them in.

Anyway, i would apreciate any and all info that you could send me.

Thanks, Frederick E. Dick Jr.

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