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Information on Charles Fred Thurston, Jr.
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Sep 01, 2008
8:20 AM
Hello,I am researching a former member of the 7th, whose daughter I met volunteering at the Medal Of Honor display in Denver, Colorado. His name is Charles Fred Thurston, Jr. To my knowledge he was a Captain when he left the service. She says that he flew P-38’s over Japan.  His medals indicate he was involved in the liberation of the Philippines and he has an Air Medal and a Pacific Campaign Medal with four campaign stars. He would have been in his late 20’s during the war. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago, and never told his daughter much about his service. She has a few things left behind including his awards, id card, dog-tags and his wings. I would like to provide her with more information about her father. So if anyone has any information on him, I would love to hear it.
Thank you,Ryan

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Sep 01, 2008
8:21 AM

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