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P-40K's snapshot of the 7thFS/49thFG PNG 1943
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Gordy ,Lost Password
Feb 15, 2005
4:36 AM
Dear All,

Came across some interesting documents in recent times that contain some real "pearls" on P-40Es.

That aside, as part of collateral research, we've ( myself and my Mate Buz Bushby)found out some P-40K Serial per 7thFS 12/42-05/43 flying out of PNG.

Try this one for size,.......P-40K 42-45966 flown on 07/12/42 by Franklin Nicols. On that day he s/d EA. It seems, judging by Protect and Avenge its aka #24 "Nip Nipper"

And another,......Donald Lee's P-40K,...aka #34 "pistoff",........He flew 42-45979 on the 05/03/43 when he s/d EA.

But that's not all,.....The missing one from the collection,...A T House's P-40K he was flying that day,...... #13 Poopey 2,..................it was recorded as 42-46288 per 05/03/42.

And again,..one more,...ex-17thPS(prov) Pilot, then Maj Ray Melikian was flying 42-45981,...aka #10

Interesting? You bet. another 63 year mystery solved by the P-40 Mafia

Cheers All

The original P-40E #34 of the 7thFS in Darwin 41-5553 #34 now as IDed as well.

We're getting there

A special thanks to the AHRA, Maxwell, without them, god bless their soles, we could not have done it

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May 23, 2006
8:43 AM
Gordy: Sutliff's P-40E, #41-5610 was named "Robert's Reply". Named after a close pilot friend Lt. Robert Markley who died at Pearl on 07 Dec 41. Markley was killed while trying to get airborne at Hickman.

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L Klopman
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Jun 21, 2007
8:45 PM
You seem to be a wealth of information that might help me better understand my Dad's experiences in WWII and Korea. Do you have any information about Lambert G Klopman? He was a LT and flew P-38s and C something (111s?)
What is the best way to find someone who perhaps knew him or of him?
Lin Klopman Whitley

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