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Nov 6, 2004



Sorry this issue is late, the first was lost because
of a computer problem, yes, all twelve pages. I
don't have an answer. I was ready to start printing
when a message popped up saying that it had
performed an illegal act and shut down. The same
thing repeated. I loaded it in DOS, checked every
line, removed every code, which took hours.
However, when I loaded it in Windows, it
repeated the illegal act.

Rather than repeating my effort, I started from
scratch, so this is that effort, and the added time.
The information is not the same, and some things
may have been forgotten. As of this moment, I am
printing a reduced version. Instead, it consists of
ten pages. Most of the news of the reunion, while
in not the same words, it tells the same story.

What's new? I have joined the National Guard.
the will be a new experience, and I am sure it will
provide a lot of new stuff to write about.

Will visit my youngest daughter on Thanksgiving,
Christmas is up for grabs. Can't afford to go to the
arctic circle this year, even though it has such a
nice ring to the words. The memories are great,
and I have lots of pictures. I have sent a few to
John and Betty Miller. Of course, many have
shared them in the Internet, by means of e-mail.

The last page has information that is contained in
the booklets. After this issue, I will look for input
as to the content. I don't have the pictures of the
equipment in my computer yet, and when I do it
will be a test as to if they will print. I do hope that
the information is pleasing and that someone in
our group will gain from it.

For the moment I will end this discussion with:

2223 Colfax; Flint, MI; VICE PRESIDENT:
Eldon Breazier; 1130 North Pine; Kingman, KS
67068-1439 SECY/ TREAS: John Plosila
3065 (352) 475-5680. e-mail---
jplosila@juno.com; Web Site: www.7fs.org
We have a link to the 9th Web Site.

Please note the Web Site change

49th Newss.

The 04 reunion is gone, gone, gone. Las Vegas was
a noisy town, but I don't know that we added to
the maelstrom. Your editor learned a lot about the
town. He can honestly say that he was lost, yes,
lost. No one else seemed to know anything. I went
through the Casino, which is the entrance and
finally found a bar tender who directed me to the
fourth floor. I got misdirected again, but was
finally directed to the fifth floor. Walla!
Because I was late, the others had eaten their
breakfast. Then honors were given to the various
board members for their services. Marie Dick gave
an accolade for your editor. I was humbled by all
the clapping and for her kind words. Thanks Marie
and all the members of the 49'ers. A great group.
The officers for 2005 will be the same except that
Bill Sleeper was replaced by Doug Melzer. Here is
the lineup: President, Cipriano, Guerra, First vice
President Robert Paret, 2nd Vice President, Robert
Cass, Secretary/Treasurer, Bill Schultz... Past
President, Ralph Easterling. Directors: Budd
Butcher,.Don edwards, Doug Melzer and Roland
Solis. This is not the official list, Patti is sending it
but since I am already late, this is it.
I don't want to steal Bill's thunder so I will only
include stuff I am involved in. I will leave it up to
Bill. The meeting was held in the room where we
had our breakfast. See our next issue for details..

The following 7th members attended:

Ambrose, Leedy & Anne
Dick, Fred and Marie
Ferris, Bill and Mary
Konarcik, Jim and Blanche
Miller, John and Betty
Plosila, John
Ronne, Robert and Doris
There were several other names of attendees, such
as Al Meschino, who didn't attend because of
home problems. We're getting smaller. The next
reunion is slated to be Biloxi, Mississippi. More
later. Member Floyd Lynk, will you volunteer to
be a helper for the reunion in Biloxi?
I enjoyed my breakfast visit with Bob and Doris
Ronne. Bob is an old buddy as well as a friend.
We had such a great time when he hosted the ??
(don't remember the year) reunion in Sacramento.
I had such a great time there, and stayed way past
the reunion time. I visited with Charley and Roena
Ford and also stayed at their house. It was so
much fun that I wished I had stayed longer.
Charley took me around the city and we visited
the Capitol and the Veterans setup on the grounds.
If I remember, they have trees that grow in all
areas of the US. I saw the Vietnam War wall and
met some soldiers of that period. Every time we
meet we remember old times as well a getting up
on things that are happening.
Leedy and Anne Ambrose were at the table, which
provided an opportunity to learn things about the
Korean conflict. We exchanged information and I
learned a few things. It is good to have members
like Leedy to fill in the gaps of knowledge. He
had many tales, but I needed a tape recorder to
capture them, memory being what it is. We were
there even after everyone had left, but were
chased out by the cleaning crew.

We wandered to the tea room area where Leedy,
Anne and I were treated to lunch by President
Guerra and his wife Sylvia. Here again was an
opportunity to exchange stories as well as ideas.
Sylvia sure takes good care of Cip. We had so
much to talk about that we had to finally break up
our visit to go on the trip to Nellis.
The bus driver on the trip was a real card, he had
us all rolling with laughter. It's not a very long
trip to the base. As I said before, security was
tight, and we had to have a female tour guide
enter our bus and check us out. For all you could
tell, we were a part of Dillinger's gang. We're a
mean bunch, I'll have you know. We finally passed
muster and were allowed to proceed to the base.
Our guide pointed out all the points of interest.
I can tell you one thing, they sure have a lot of
amenities we never had. They say they have to
have these large screen TV's, and all, to keep the
personnel and to get new members. I guess I left
too soon as usual. Just think, I could really gain
from all those gym gadgets. Who knows, I might
even become another Tarzan.
This visit to Nellis AFB was very interesting to say
the least. But the Security was tight. No pictures of
the stuff on the field because it was on red flag
status. We saw a lot of new aircraft and equipment.
We got a glimpse of the Thunderbirds, what a
group. As it turns out, we have a Thunderbird in
the 49th and we are proud. I have seen their shows
many times, they are out of this world. I just wish
there was some way I could inject that into this
newsletter. What a difference that would make.

We toured their facilities and had a presentation. I
came home with a beautiful poster with all the
signatures of the 12 Thunderbirds. What a deal.
We were toured through their museum as well as
the hangar, and field. It was a great experience,
words just can't describe it.
We toured the area of Nellis that had the Air-To-
Air equipment of Russia, France, Germany and
Israel and others. I got to get up close to some of
the RADAR equipment as well as ground
equipment. It will give material for the future.
Needless to say, I came home much richer both in
experience and knowledge. I have two booklets:
Land Based Air Defense, and Air-To-Air Threat,
that I will use excerpts from in future newsletters.
There will be some in this issue. There is enough
material for years of newsletters.
Let's see, what have I forgotten, oodles of stuff. It
is just too much to describe. I will jot it down and
from time to time I will put a bit of our trip so that
everyone can share in the experience.
I had to cancel my trip to Hoover Dam because I
couldn't get a Sunday flight back home. I couldn't
afford to stay until Tuesday, so I had to leave early
sad to say.
I was supposed to meet Jim Konarcik before I left
but that just didn't happen. Jim managed to weave
in and out during the trip. Jim is the one that took
the picture of me in the space suit while we were
at Kitty Hawk. Jim told me how the hurricane did
damage there. Most of what we saw is no longer
there because of water and wind damage.

Jim has sent cards and e-mails all along so we
have got to know each other pretty good. Jim and
Blanche figured in my trip, they loomed pretty
large in the scheme of things. I don't remember if
there was some unfinished business with him or
not, or if there was something I was supposed to
take back with me. Time will explain that aspect.
Our banquet speaker is sending me some stuff so I
will have plenty in the future. He did a beautiful
presentation. He's a great guy, I hope to have
some of his stuff on our web site. I forgot to ask
him if he knew super Dave, he seemed to know so
much that indicated that he did.

He had a great slide show that filled in all those
gaps of what has happened to the 49th though all
the intervening years. I learned a few things
myself. I still have the material that the
Commander of the 7th gave me for a future time. I
am in the process of getting a slide projector. That
will be a real advantage in sharing all the material
that Bill and members have given to me.
I guess the biggest surprise was the conversations
I had with John Miller and Betty. They were
interested in my trip to the arctic. It seems that we
have been visiting the same locations so we had
much to share. I have sent some pictures by e-mail
of me on skis with full arctic garb. I will have to
send some shots of the Russian border and of my
visit to Santa's work shop. I enjoy John so much,
he sang so beautiful in our skits at the Zamboogie
Theater. I have a few pictures of those stage
shows in several areas. It was so nice seeing you
John, my best to you and Betty, hope my arctic
pictures give you some pleasure.
I had an opportunity to thank some of our
members who have generously supported our
efforts, and added to our war chest. A big thank
you to those I didn't have an opportunity to thank
in person.


Well! The sad news arrived, Al Meschino's wife
and soul mate passed away. We are sorry to hear
that. Al remains in our prayers. May he recover
quickly. Al has sent many stories we have used
over time, and his name was on the reunion list.
We sent a sympathy card as did the 49th.
I received this e-mail. Does anyone have
I was wondering if you had contact with LT. John
V Schobelock? I am John A. Schobelock
Chillicothe, Ohio
There was a letter from Dorothea Hillmer, she was
concerned, so I have notified the group, as well as
our membership. She didn't say if the last new-
sletter reached her or not. Glad to hear from you,
Dorothea, I have e-mailed Patti, so they know.
There was another e-mail from Shane Johnston in
Darwin, as usual he needs information. Shane even
called by phone and asked about a new book that is
out. I asked Bill Schultz but he has not seen the
book. He knows that it exists, but has not seen it. It
seems that our friends in Australia can share our
newsletters on the net. That is great, and it saves
postage. We have quite a following in Australia. It
has both good and bad results. Good in that we get
information, bad that we can't always give the
information they need. So many of our members
have died and the information died with them.
Diane Saxton was good enough to resend the diary
that went down the tubes, along with my other
programs because of a computer worm. It's a
shame that there are those in the world that get
some kind of a kick, or in the terms of today,
jollies, from creating harm to the computer world.
I'm not able to respond to many messages because
I don't remember them, they too went down the
tubes, so to speak, when the worm entered my
computer. I resolved it quickly by replacing the
hard drive. But, all the past data is not available.
When I get it cleaned up, perhaps I can salvage
some of the old stuff, and messages.


The response to my request in the last newsletter
was terrific. Words can't describe my joy.
Raymond Naus was the first to respond. Your
contribution to our war chest will be remembered.
Thanks a million Ray.
Floyd and Charlotte Lynk have been frequent and
generous contributors. We thank you from the
bottom of our hearts. Our war chest is richer now.
Fred and Marie Dick wanted to swell the size of
our war chest. A million thanks for your act. I also
want to thank Marie for her kind words, what can
I say, it was nice of you to do it. Thanks again
Jim and Jo Gordon also decided to add to our war
chest. Jim and I are home towner's, we hail from
Bong country. Jim keeps me posted on the goings
on. I forgot to say that they are also frequent
contributors.. A million thanks from all of us.
John and ( I have forgotten his wife's name, sorry)
Haher did their part in fattening the war chest.
They have also been frequent contributors. We
will try to use it wisely A million thanks.
William and Mary Ferris sure did their part, I was
able to thank them personally at the reunion. They
too deserve a vote of thanks. Our war chest is up.
A million thanks to you both, it was nice seeing
you at the reunion. Did I forget anyone? I had to
redo the newsletter because of the worm. Forgive?
I will double check our bank records, that'll help.


Sat 1-3-42- The boys arrived from Florida
today. Twenty of them right out of school. Four
of them haven't flown since the 1st of Dec and
about 8 of them have about 2 or 3 hrs in a P40.
Fine thing. Found out today that 18 of our class
gone over the hill. Bill was last.
Old Nicole (Guerriere) was killed today. What a
tremendous loss to the Air Corps that is. One of
the best pilots I Know of he was killed "buzzing".
A P26A mushed more than he thought over
Penonome and he hit some-thing. That means
goodbye to a swell egg and an excellent pilot.
"Errare Humanum Est".Was talking with Doc
Crijesky today about the different kinds of
pneumonia. Wish I had that boy's grey matter. I
am going to have a talk with him on sex in
marriage. Lord knows I sure need it.I heard that a
boy named Smith was killed today in an A17.
Don't know for sure yet but I think I know him.
Sun 1-4-42 On alert flight at 6:00 this morning.
Clouds all over the sky at 1500 ft. Tough time
joining formation but OK when we got in. Smooth
air at 10,000 ft. Lot of clouds at Chorrera when we
got back so we came in the back door by way of
Rio Hato. I think I know what has been making
my engine running so rough. Gas from the barrels
condense and between the water and that anti-rot
in the hose it is more than enough to make the
engine run rough or quit. Must put the dehydrate
in the gas tank. They brought in an enlisted man
who had been drinking since early afternoon. Doc
Crijesky fixed him up OK but that poor guy has an
advanced case of the DT's. The poor guy has been
in the army for 10 years and still is a PFC is about
35-38 has very grey hair. Doc is an excellent boy
to have on the job but like all of us is handicapped
by little or poor equipment. He's the boy I'd want
to work on me if and when that "E" lets me down.
Am very tired so off to bed.
Mon 1-5-42 One early flight at 6:00 this morning.
Got down to Albrook about 2:00 today. Did not
fly down because of a leak in the cooling system.
Went to a show and saw "One Foot in Heaven". It
was a very good picture. Martha Scott is a fine
actress."Entreat me not to leave thee nor forget
thee For whither thou goest, I shall go, and where
thou lodgest, I shall lodge" (Bible)
Tue 1-6-42 Flight at 6:00 AM from Albrook
today. Up two hours and some odd minutes.
Landed at Chorrera with 15 gals of gas. Don't care
for that stuff. It could be that weather would not
permit a landing at Chorrera & then we'd lose 8
ships and gosh only knows how many pilots.
Dumb intercept room or control officer. We were
put on dawn til dusk alert at our ships today by
General Johnson who came up and visited us
today. Rough old bird.
About 10 New Zealand boys came up today from
Albrook. Pilots and all have the grand total of 150
hours. Good eggs but young for pilots. 18 & 19
years old. Bound for England to pull their
chestnuts out of the fire. All very interested in the
ships. Wonder how many will still be alive one
year from today. I still don't care for the English
Wed 1-7-42 No flying as yet (at 2:30). Just out
by the ship and waiting for something to happen.
Smith is no longer the squadron commander. He
has been changed to run the headquarters
squadron. Max Chenawith is running the 30th
now. He'll be OK. Knows his stuff and is careful
about weather and gas. Found out today why we
are on 14 hr alert or standby. Supposed to be 4
Jap aircraft carriers out in the Pacific. I suppose
the Navy will be their normal help by not seeing
any-body til too late. Should be all done with in a
few days. Would like one good shower. Early this
morning at 20,000 ft it was cold. James says it
was as cold as a well drillers butt in Alaska.
"Every man deserves hanging five or six times
during his lifetime". Montaigne When you think
of all the pain and trouble I've caused my parents
and family you sometimes wonder how I avoided
hanging. What patience. I can remember the
most vicious fight Jeanne and I had. I should say I
fought with Jeanne for something which I am
ashamed to mention. Why that gal is still willing
and eager to be my wife I'll never know. I'll have
to tell her what a friend of mine says about babies:
"An alimentary canal with a loud noise at one end
and no responsibility at the other!"
Thu 1-8-42 Up at 5:30 but no flying as yet. I
hear that we are to be on a daylight alert for
another week. That will make 10 days we'll have
been on this 12 hr. Alert from 6:00 to 6:00. We
were playing A.H. for about two hours today. I
came out OK for a change.
Gilmore and I got all tangled up in a fight about
whether the Japs should come over now or should
wait for a while. Personally, I'd like to see them
right now. Got a letter from George Dearborn
today. He'll be getting out of school this June and
then the Army will no doubt get him. He'll be a
pilot no doubt because of his CAA flying. A very
boring day!
Fri 1-9-42 Colonel Gilhesen came up today
(morning) and when we told him that we had done
no flying for 3 days he called the Intercept Room
and we got a flight for a while. It was bumpy as
hell so I was a bit worried about my landing, not
having done it for 3 days but it came off OK.
Gilhesen said it was OK. He was surprized that
we got off in 2 ship elements. We split flights
today. Flight One out in the afternoon and Flight
Two in the morning. Should be better than the
former arrangement. Tomorrow we can sleep for
an hour or two later. What a pleasure.
Sat 1-10-42 Japs expected tomorrow. No time to
write. I'll have to fly AK's ship as mine is out. I
am going to miss the 6 fiftys on my ship. Hope
they come in when it's light. I don't trust this
night fighting. Should write Mother, Jeanne and
Edna but am too sleepy. Flew the ---- out of us
today and with the Japs due tomorrow! Brilliant
plan this 2:30 patrol. What do they think we are
going to do tomorrow when after we have been up
2:00 and then find the Japs? Damn poor planning.
Sun 1-11-42 Well no Japs today - at least not at
6:45 P.M. Flew our 2:30 patrol today but nothing
happened. Boy, is my butt dragging from that ride.
Made a poor landing today. Came in much too hot
but it was gusty and I felt it was better to do that
than stall it and really louse it up. This morning I
came out and found my ship ready to go. Found
that Larson and Springfield had worked from
11:00 till 3:00 AM, on it and fixed her up. They're
good boys all right - a lot like old Wilson and
Burke. I sure hope when those Japs do come, they
come in the daylight - early morning would be best
for them and us. I'd like to get a half dozen by
myself, even though I know it just "ain't being
done." We have a couple of battleships going
through right now so I suppose that's why we are
patrolling beaches, the reasons I mentioned
yesterday. I am going to find out just what the
plans for tomorrow are. No more news.
Mon 1-12-42 We got our belly full of flying today.
About 3:40 in the roughest air we've come across
down here. This dry season is gusty and you have
to fly them into the ground. That's tough on a
small field. Must write Jeanne tonight. "And when
that time of my life and death comes, I shall pass
into that borderland, the haven of all pilots
whether English, German or American. There shall
I pass my days in smooth still air where all
landings are three point and all formations
Tue 1-13-42 Still no Japs. The islands are still
holding on by their teeth I guess. Understand that
a patrol ship found all people on Wake Island dead
and no Japs there. Today the second flight can stay
in their quarters and do what they want til an alert
call comes. Then we tear out and get off right after
the 1st flight gets off. I have been put in the 1st
element of the 2nd flight with Jones so I am in the
tent. Gilmore is very highly p'd off at his sister.
He sent her some money for Xmas and what do
you suppose she did with it? She bought a
defense bond! What a jolt to poor Gilmore. Now
the government will pay his salary with his
money! "There was a man called McBride, Who
fell in a hole and died. His dear only brother, Fell
in another. And now they're interred side by side!"
No flights today and we are supposed to get to
Albrook tomorrow for a physical exam. Phooey.


Missing Man

In the Air Force, when a member dies, Air Force
jets fly what is known as the missing man
maneuver. One jet in the final formation suddenly
peels up, away, and out of sight. It's a symbol that
says a lot.

Recently, Ronald Reagan was the missing man.
He was suddenly not with us anymore. Some day
we'll be the missing man or woman. It may come
without warning. Proverbs 27:1 tells us, "Do not
boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what
a day may bring forth"

Tomorrow is the day that many people finally
want to get right with God. Sadly, that day may
never come. Eternity comes when we aren't ready.
Leaving this world may result from an accident,
blood clot, or a heart attack. In reality, the cause
of death doesn't matter much, we're all terminal.
The Bible's critical warning: "Prepare to meet
your God." Amos 4:12. There's only one way to
be prepared for that missing man or woman day.

John 3:36 reveals, from God's perspective, the
only perspective that really matters, the whole
human race is in one of two groups, facing one of
two eternities. For some, eternal life in heaven,
others, the wrath of God. What makes the
difference is very clear. Whoever believes in the
Son, that's the Son of God, Jesus Christ, has
eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not
see life, for God's wrath remains on him." Why is
the commitment to Jesus the deciding issue in
where we'll spend eternity? Jesus died as our
spiritual substitute, paying the death penalty for
every wrong we've ever done. If we don't put our
total trust in Him, we wont make it. There's just no
other way to have our sins forgiven than to stake
our all on the only one who paid the price for

If we haven't really rejected Christ, it's like sitting
in the lounge, making no decision about boarding a
flight. By not deciding, we have decided. That's the
way it is with Jesus. If there's never been a moment
when we reach out to Him in total faith, making
him our Savior, we're not ready for eternity. Nor
even for the rest of this life. Second Corinthians
6:2, puts it bluntly, "Now is the time of God's
favor, now is the day of salvation." When heaven
and hell hang in the balance, it doesn't make sense
to wait another day.

If you want to get this settled, and be ready for the
personal commitment to Jesus Christ, tell Him that
today. Beginning today, you can be ready for
eternity whenever or however it comes. On that
day you won't be missing at all. You'll be with the
Savior who gave His life so you could be with Him


Some of the stories in this issue were supplied by
Walter Dorrer. Thanks Walter, take care.
While attending a banquet, a clumsy waiter
dropped a bowl of hot soup into the lap of a
bishop The clergyman glanced around with a look
of agony, and finally exclaimed, "Will some
layman please say something appropriate?
The weatherman in a certain part of Florida has
made so many errors in his predictions that he
became a local joke. He finally gave up and asked
for a transfer. In his letter to headquarters he gave
his reason for wanting a new assignment, "The
weather here does not agree with me."
As a result of a bitter argument, a husband and
wife were not speaking to one another. Upon
retiring for the night, the husband handed his wife
a terse note which read, "Call me at seven in the
morning. When he awoke the next morning it was
nine. As he hurried to get dressed he noticed a
note besides his own: "It's seven. Get up, you
Well, young man, his girlfriends father said,
"You've asked for my permission to marry my
daughter. Can you support a family?" "No sir I
can't," he said. I was only planning to support
your daughter. The rest of you will have to get
along the best you can."
One very optimistic minister had the habit in his
opening prayer each Sunday of thanking God for
the weather. On a particularly cold, icy, windy
slushy Sunday morning, the few people that
ventured out wondered how the minister could
possible refer to the weather in his morning prayer
with any sense of gratitude. To their surprise, he
said, Dear God, we thank you that you would send
us so few Sunday's like today.
Teacher: "Where is the English Channel?" Herbie:
I don't know ma'am. We don't get that station on
our television at home.

Inviting a friend to his wedding anniversary, a man
explained: "We're on the seventh floor, apartment
D. Just touch the button with your elbow.""And
why should I use my elbow?" "For goodness sake
man, you're not coming empty handed, I hope!"
A woman traveling by train was talking with the
man in the next seat. In describing her holiday, she
said that she had visited San Jose. You pronounce
that wrong, "It's San Hosay. In California you
should pronounce all J's as H's. When were you
there. The woman thought for a minute, then
answered, "In Hune and Huly.
Two engineering students had thoroughly
impressed their Professor in one of their core
subjects, having achieved the highest marks
throughout the semester's continuous assessments.
Being one to give credit where due, the Prof made
no secret of his two prize students, continually
praising their achievements. The weekend before
their final exam (which was to contribute fifty
percent of their final grade,) these two geniuses felt
they deserved a hard earned break and so went out
of town to celebrate their 'pending' success. Having
partied late all weekend (and then some,) the two
students overslept Monday morning, missing their
final exam! Never lacking in will power, they
were determined not to fail, having come so far, so
well. Upon rolling into town, they appealed to the
Prof, and conveniently explained that they had a
flat tire while out visiting and that it was not their
fault for missing the exam. The Professor was very
understanding and rescheduled their exam to the
next day, much to the student's delight! They
arrived at his office the next morning, where he sat
them on each side of his desk facing opposite
walls, while he worked on grading the other
exams. They opened their examination books and
were both pleased with the first easy 10-point
question that came directly from a homework
assignment. You could hear nothing but the quick
writing of their pencils in the room, until they both
flipped the page, almost at the same time, where
the second question read thusly.. "90 points:
Which tire?"
for centuries, Hindu women have worn a red spot
on their foreheads. We have naively thought it had
something to do with their religion. The true story
has just been revealed by the Indian Embassy in
Washington. When one of these women gets
married, on her wedding night the husband
scratches off the red spot to see if he has won a
convenience store, a gas station, a donut shop, or a
motel in Alabama.
After his death, Osama bin Laden tried to enter
heaven, but he was greeted at the gate by George
Washington, who pummeled him across the face
and yelled at him, "How dare you try to destroy
the nation I helped conceive!" Patrick Henry
approached and punched Osama in the nose and
shouted,"You wanted to end our liberties but you
failed." James Madison entered, kicked Osama
in the groin and said,"This is why I allowed our
government to provide for the common defense!"
Thomas Jefferson came in and proceeded to beat
Osama many times with a long cane and said, "It
was evil men like you that provided me the
inspiration to pen the Declaration of
Independence. These beatings and thrashings
continued as John Rudolph, JamesMonroe and 66
other early Americans came in and unleashed their
anger on the Muslim terrorist leader. As Osama
lay bleeding and writhing in unbearable pain an
Angel appeared. Bin Laden wept in pain and said
to the Angel, "This is not what you promised me."
The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72
Virginians waiting for you in heaven. What did
you think I said?"
Top 10 Signs You Are Too Old To Trick or Treat
You get winded from knocking on the door.
You have to have another kid chew the candy for
you. You ask for high fiber candy only.
Someone drops candy in your bag, you lose your
balance and fall over.

People say, "Great Boris Karloff Mask." and
you're not wearing one.
When the door opens you yell, "Trick or....." and
can't remember the rest.
By the end of the night, you have a bag full of
restraining orders.
You have to choose a costume that won't dislodge
your hairpiece.
You're the only Power Ranger in the neighbor-
hood with a walker.
You keep having to go home to pee.
Two men were discussing the fact that they both
had sons away at college. "What does your boy
plan to be when he graduates?" asked one. "I*m
not really sure," replied the other, "but judging
from his letters he'll end up a Professional fund

A teacher called for sentences using the word
beans. "My father grows beans," said the bright
boy of the class. "My mother cooks beans," said
another pupil. The third popped up: "We are all
human beans"
We know a fellow who upon being told by his
shrewish wife that she would dance on his grave,
promptly provided for a burial at sea.
Everything is funny as long as it's happening to
someone else. ---Will Rogers
Why do they put seats in fitting room? It's not my
favorite place to entertain guests ---Erma Bombeck

This is taken from the book from Nellis titled:
Air-To-air Threat. wwwmil.nellis.af.mil
This data has been extracted from unclassified
sources for information and reference purposes
only. This data in no way represents official
Department of the Air force or Air Combat
command evaluation information concerning these
systems. This is only intended to be a training aid
and is not to be used for mission planning.
Questions or comments should be directed to 547
IS/INT, 3811 Duffer Dr. Nellis AFB, NV 89191
e-mail 547IS7CCT@nellis.af.mil
Teen MiGs
The MiG-15 FAGOT, MiG-17 FRESCO, and Mig-
9 FARMER are all single seat first generation jet
aircraft, with primarily only daytime fair weather
capability. At the time of inception they were quite
capable interceptors/attack aircraft. By today's
standards these aircraft are obsolete, but in their
time they were exported to several different
countries. Many of whom still fly them today.
Their primary weapons were guns.


The Russian MiG 21 FISHBED is a single seat
multi-role fighter. It is one of the most numerously
produced and widely exported aircraft in the
world. During development, emphasis was placed
on good transonic and supersonic handling, high
rate of climb, and small size. It is estimated that
well in excess of 12,000 Mig-21s and its variants
were produced. Russia and Israel off upgrade
packages to the MiG-21 to include upgraded
RADAR avionics and weapons. The MiG-21 is
equivalent to the US F-5 in performance abilities.
EXPORTS: Afganistan, Albania, Algeria,
Angola, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Burma, Cambodia,
China, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic,
Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Guinea,
Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Laos,
Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique,
Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania,
Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania,
Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zambia, and
I will continue this report in the next issue. Any
comments would be appreciated. In the next issue
there will be stuff from the Land- Based Air
Defense. It is similar, but is but deals with tanks,
missiles, RADAR, and anti-aircraft artillery.