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Helping the 7FS Webpage

Aug 28, 2005

There are several ways you, as loyal visitors to the 7th
Fighter Squadron Reunion Organization's webpage can help
out. First off, I have added "Google" links to the bottom
of all the webpages. Just by clicking on one of the links,
whether you buy or not, might help out. A lot of business
pay just for people clicking on a link. Secondly, if you,
a business, or someone you know, wants to ceate a website,
just click on the "Powered by Cityslide" link on the bottom
of the page. City Slide offers a free 10-day trial to test
whether or not you like them. If three or more people
click the link, and end up paying to start their own
website, the 7 FS site then becomes free, for as long as
they continue paying for their website.

I have been happy with City Slide of the past 6 years, and
would reccommend them to anyone. At present, I am using
them to run two other websites, and two other organizations
are doing so at my recommendation.

Again that you for your support, and I hope the 7FS Web
site will always meet your approval.

Super Dave