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Someone from Darwin needs info

Dec 5, 2005

Someone from Darwin is looking for some information. If
anyone can help, his message is below, and his email
address is at the bottom.

Dear Dave,

You might be able to help me out here. I live in Darwin
Australia, and I research the 7th Fighter SQN, as well as
the 49th FG. I was hoping that you could help me out with a
pilot and his P40 that crashed over here. I am unable to
find any references or documents regarding this incident.

On the 13th Jun 1942, LT Harold Martin, flying tail number
"12" force landed his P40 near the Daly River. He was
rescued some time latter. I have tried to locate this guy
and chase up any info on him, but everything here has
failed me.

Are you able to help out here, or you might know of someone
that can. Any help here would be most appreciated, and

kindest Regard's

Shane Johnston.

His email is: Johnston, Shane MR 1