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Stuff from John

Apr 8, 2006


We have to make a difference around here!
Let's start with my scarred and beat up desk.
It doesn't look particularly useful. But this
ugly desk, with a gentle magic touch was
slowly restored to its original beauty. Now it's
an expensive, new looking, desk.

This amazing desk restorer had stained hands
that looked like they'd never be clean again. I
thanked him for the difference he'd made, he
smiled and said, "Oh, I love doing this."

There is someone else like him. His name is
Jesus, who's in the restoring business. His
hands were stained with His own blood to
make our restoration possible. He can look at
countless scarred and undervalued lives that
He has restored. Then He says, "Oh, I love
doing this." And He'd love to do it for you.

Jesus' promise makes the possibility of a
fresh start for everyone. In Revelation 21:5.
Jesus said, "Behold, I make all things new."
That's exactly the kind of miracle we all need
right now. Like my office desk, life leaves us
beat up and perhaps deeply scarred. Broken or
even useless. His answer to that old haunting
question, "Why am I here?" And for carrying
lots of regrets and wish you had done things
differently. Pain from things done to you? Or
for things you've done to others?

Jesus has the answer. He broke the power of
sin that ultimately causes all the scars, regrets,
and hurts, our spiritual cancer. His hands bear
nail prints from His sacrifice. He reaches out
and says, "I will make all things new." This
promise is in Second Corinthians 5:17, "If
anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation."
That could be both me and you.

He will restore what sin has stolen from us
Joel 2:25. He binds up the brokenhearted and
releases the prisoner from darkness. He'll
"exchange the ashes of your life for beauty."
He can turn a spirit of despair into a garment
of praise (Isaiah 61:1-3). Don't be defined by
your pain or by your sin any longer. But do be
defined by Jesus Christ, God's Son, the King
of all kings. A life-changing relationship with
Him begins when you give your heart to Him.
Let the Master restorer change your life.

Because of Jesus, the Master Restorer, life
doesn't have to be more of what it's been for
so long. He makes all things new, and He's
waiting to do that for you.