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 Pictures from WW II , Port Moresby, sent by Nathan Howland, click here.

 Redesignation Ceremony.  Click here.

New photos added from "Doc" Fitch of the 1980s.  Click here.

Robert Decker's picture sent by his grandson it to your right.  Decker is credited with 4 kills.  For a list of all WW II areal victories, click HERE.


                    The 7th Fighter Squadron, originally called the “Screamin Demons”,  adopted a new mascot during the Pacific Campaign.   Chosen was the “Bunyip”, which over time came to be known as the “Bunyap”, a name still used to this day.

 Originating in Australia, the Bunyip myth was told to new settlers by the aborigines.   It was said the Bunyip was a strange creature living in a deep water hole, destroying everyone who camped nearby.   Many early settlers to Australia believed this story and besides never camping near a Bunyip hole, were careful not to disturb the monster when collecting water.

 Since the outcome of awaking the Bunyip was the same as an aerial contest with the 7th Fighter Squadron, it was only appropriate the two go into combat as wingmen.

 The squadron emblem is an over and through a yellow disc, charged with an annulet black, and aborigine “Bunyip” affront light brown, eyes green, pupils red, fangs and claws white, tipped with blood.   This emblem was finally approved 13 May 44.

The 49th Fighter Group reunion was planned for October 2005, in Biloxi, MS.  Due to the Hurricane, it has been rescheduled for 2006, possibly at Holloman AFB, NM.

(Picture at right)  Station where members of the 7FS departed and marched to Camp Darley during WW II. Click here to read more.

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