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1940 - 1997

20 November 1940 Constituted the 7th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor).

15 January 1941 Activated at Selfridge Field Michigan.

12 January 1942 Left for overseas duty.

01 February 1942 Arrived at Melbourne, Australia equipped with P-40s.

07 April - 23 August 1942 Was part of the Darwin campaign in which 64 enemy planes were shot down with only 16 49er losses.

15 May 1942 Redesignated as the 7th Fighter Squadron.

15 September 1942 Squadron arrived at Port Moresby, New Guinea, flying its initial mission on 19 September 1942.

06 January 1943 Helped break up an enemy convoy of 4 transports and six escort vessels attempting to move into the area of Lae, New Guinea. The 7th took part in 72 sorties flown against the enemy in which one transport was claimed as destroyed by Lts A.T. House, Jr. and Claude S. Burnette. In the same engagement 15 enemy planes were shot down, 3 by Lt (later Maj) Bong, bringing his total to 5, making him an "Ace".

18 April 1943 Moved to Dobodura, New Guinea and began controlling the approaches to the Huon Gulf.

04 September 1943 Flew in support of the Markham Valley assault by paratroopers and the landing at Huon Gulf.

21 November 1943 Moved to Gusap Strip, New Guinea in the Markham Valley.

20 May 1944 Moved to Cyclops Strip at Hollandia.

29 October 1944 Lt Milden E. Mathre shot down the 49th’s 500th enemy plane.

30 October 1944 Completed move to Tacloban Strip near San Jose.

27 December 1944 Left for Mindordand.

06 January 1945 Began operating out of Hill Strip, flying in support of the Philippine Campaign.

26 February 1945 Moved to Lingayen, trading its entire camp with a 13th Air Force Fighter Squadron.

August 1945 Moved to Motobu Strip on Okinawa where it remained until the war ended.

25 June 1950 With the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, the unit assisted in flying cover missions for the evacuation of civilians from Kimpo and Suwon, Korea.

01 October 1950 Moved to Taegu, Korea. Was part of the first combat fighter outfit to operate on a combat basis from a base in Korea, conducting attacks against enemy forces along the 38th-parallel.

01 April 1953 Moved to Kunsan AB, Korea.

August 1966 Assisted in the achievement of an outstanding rating for a USAFE ORI.

01 January - 30 June 1967 Awards and Decorations: For action in Southeast Asia: Distinguished Flying Cross, 24; Air Medals, 32; AFCM, 19; Major Burgery and Capt Reynolds received the USAFE "Well Done" award for handling an in-flight emergency; squadron received the USAFE Unit Flying Safety Achievement Award for 1966; SSgt Charles B. Bennette received the Army Commendation Medal for revamping a course.

February - April 1967 Opened the 49th Weapons Training Detachment at Wheelus AB, Libya.

12 April 1967 Received final F-4Ds, giving 7 FS first full squadron of F-4Ds.

May 1967 Received USAFE Flying Safety Achievement Award for 1966.

13 June 1967 First crews became fully combat-ready on F-4Ds.

01 July1968 More than 26 years of overseas service came to an end as the 7th moved to Holloman AFB, NM.

13 - 19 April 1971 Deployed to England AFB, LA for CORONET ORGAN IV.

01 January - 31 March 1972Awards and Decorations: Distinguished Flying Cross, 6.

04 May 1972 Deployed to Takhli RTAFB, Thailand after North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam.

01 October - 31 December 1972 Awards and Decorations: Air Medals, 34; Distinguished Flying Cross, 7; MSM, JSCM, AFCM and Silver Star, one each.

11 March 1973 Deployed to Bitburg AB, Germany for Victor Alert.

14 March 1973 As a member of the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing, received the Outstanding Unit Award for the period 01 January 1971 to 15 April 1972

01 April - 30 June 1973 Awards and Decorations: Distinguished Flying Cross, 1; Air Medal, 3; Silver Star, 2; 1st Lt Wesley Zimmerman received the Kolligan Safety Trophy for safely returning his heavily battle-damaged F-4.

19 - 29 May 1973 Deployed to Bergstrom AFB, TX, to participate in Gallant Hand.

11 - 17 June 1973 Deployed to Eglin AFB, FL for Coronet Organ VIII.

29 July- 04 August 1973 Participated in Combat Echo at Eglin AFB, FL.

14 - 18 August 1973 Coronet Organ IX.

21 August - 25 September 1973 Capt Richard D. Steffan ferried an aircraft to Iran.

09 - 15 September 1973 Participated in Coronet Sharpshooter at Nellis AFB, NV.

01 October - 31 December 1973 Awards and Decorations: Air Medals, 2.

01 January - 31 March 1974 Awards and Decorations: Distinguished Flying Cross, 2; Air Medal, 2; AFCM, 2.

01 January - 31 March 1974 Received the Tactical Air Command Unit Achievement Award for 12 months of accident free flying.

01 October - 31 December 1974 Awards and Decorations: Two ex-POWs received awards this quarter. Major Ken Fisher, whose F-4 was shot down in 1967 received the Bronze Star Medal, Bronze Star with 1st Oak Leaf Cluster with V Device, the Silver Star with 2nd Oak Leaf Cluster and the Legion of Merit. Captain Dave Mott, who spent 10 months as a POW after his OV-10 was downed, received the Air Force Commendation Medal with 1st Oak Leaf Cluster and the Bronze Star with V Device.

16 April 1975 As a member of the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing, received the Outstanding Unit Award with Combat V Device for action in Southeast Asia from 05 May to 06 October 1972, in honor of its participation in CONSTANT GUARD. The 7th deployed to Takhli RTAFB, Thailand with the wing. There was no loss of life in the wing during its wartime mission.

01 October - 31 December 1975 Awards and Decorations: Air Medal, 1; Maj Jon I. Lucas was nominated for the Kitty Hawk Memorial Award and a MSM; other MSM, 1; AFCM, 3.

02 October 1975 Deployed for Crested Cap 75 to Bitburg, Germany.

17 October 1975 Lts Donald Maynard and John Roberts were killed as their aircraft impacted the ground on a close air support mission. The aircraft board stated the cause as "undetermined."

30 November 1975 Deployed to Eglin AFB, FL or Combat Echo.

01 January - 31 March 1976 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 2; AFCM, 3.

26 January 1976 Participated in operation BOLD EAGLE.

22 February 1976 Participated in Combat Echo at Eglin AFB, TX.

29 May 1976 Supported 9 TFS at Nellis AFB, NV for operation RED FLAG.

14 August 1976 Deployed to Ramstein AB, Germany for Crested Cap.

01 October - 31 December 1976 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3.

07 May 1977 Participated in RED FLAG 77-6 at Nellis AFB, NV.

05 December 1977 The 7th lost 25 aircrew members to the 8th and 9th squadrons. An additional 14 aircrew members went PCA to the 479th Tactical Training Wing and 49th TFW. This was in preparation of the new F-15 "Eagles."

01 January - 31 March 1978 Awards and Decorations: lst Lt Dave Deptula was awarded the Air Medal for the safe recovery of an F-15 which was on fire; AFCM, 2.

18 March 1978 Deployed to Nellis AFB, NV for RED FLAG. First exercise with F-15s.

01 April - 30 June 1978 Awards and Decorations: Lt Deptula was awarded the Air Force Flying Safety Award for the incident involving his F-15; AFCM, 1.

01 July- 30 September 1978 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3; received the TTH suggestion award for having the highest percentage participate in the suggestion program during Suggestion Month in July.

09 September 1978 Became the first 49 TFW to deploy to Michael Army Air Field, UT as part of RED FLAG 78-9.

01 January - 31 March 1979 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1; 6 officers were promoted to captain and augmented into the Regular Air Force.

19 February - 02 March 1979 Hosted the 65 FWS "Aggressors".

12 - 15 March 1979 Participated in the 12 AF Composite Force Exercise "Sea Strike".

01 April - 30 June 1979 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1.

18 August - 11 September 1979 Deployed to Nellis AFB, NV for RED FLAG 79-9.

01 July- 30 September 1979 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 2.

01 October - 31 December 1979 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 2; promotion to major. SrA Michael Reidy was the recipient of the Tactical Air Command Crew Chief Safety Award for December.

24 November - 15 December 1979 Deployed to Eglin AFB, FL to participate in the Weapons System Evaluation Program (SEPTEMBER).

December 1979 Capt Vanderheydem became the first pilot in the wing to surpass the 600 hour mark in the F-15.

01 January - 31 March 1980 Awards and Decorations: Capt Spitzer received the Joint Service Commendation Medal; AFCM, 2. Individual Safety Award (TAC), January, February; Crew Chief of the Quarter (49 TFW); Maintenance Person of the Month (49 AGS); Crew Chief of the Quarter (49 AGS), March. SrA Spence won the 49 TFW Maintenance Professional of the Year for 1979.

February 1980 Major Summers and Capt Vanderheydem flew the longest flight to date in the F-15, 14.3 hours.

01 April - 30 June 30 1980 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 1; promotion to major, 3. Crew Chief Safety Award (TAC), April; Crew Chief of the Quarter (49 TFW); Crew Chief of the Month (49 AGS), April; Crew Chief Safety Award (49TFW), April.

2nd Qtr 1980 Deployed to CFB North Bay, Ontario, Canada for Fabric Braue 80-2.

18 June 1980 Participated in RED FLAG 80-4.

22 -26 September 1980 Deployed to Nellis AFB for SAC exercise BUSY PRAIRIE.

01 October - 31 December 1980 Nominated by 12th Air Force for the Hughes Trophy. After competition, TAC nominated the 7 TFS to be TAC’s representative in the Hughes Trophy competition; MSM, 1.

14 - 17 October 1980 Participated in SEA STRIKE 81-1 at Gila Bend Range, AZ.

31 October - 02 November 1980 Deployed to Albuquerque NM to participate in CROWN ROYAL.

01 January - 31 March 1981 Capt Mann received the Outstanding Flying Award at F-15 Fighter Weapons School.

1st Qtr 1981 Participated in RED FLAG 81-2.

01 April - 30 June 1981 Received TAC’s nomination for the Hughes Achievement Award.

2nd Qtr 1981 Deployed to Tyndall AFB, FL in May, participated in the SIORI GOLD-RUSH.

3rd Qtr 1981 Deployed to Lahr CFB, West Germany for CORONET SLOOP, deployed to Tinker AFB, OK for CORONET SENTRY V.

September 1981 Won the 49 TFW LOADEO contest.

01 October - 31 December 1981 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1.

1st Qtr 1982 Hosted the 82 AAN Aggressor Class from Nellis AFB, Nvfor DACT and the 64th and 65th Aggressor Squadrons for DACT this quarter. Also participated in the Weapon System Evaluation Program (WSEPTEMBER) at Eglin AFB, FL.

01 January - 31 March 1982 Awards and Decorations: Promotion to major, 1; promotion to LtC, 2.

01 April - 30 June 1982 Awards and Decorations: The 7 TFS was nominated for the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award; Capts Rivers and Carlson received the Outstanding Flying Award at F-15 Fighter Weapons School; Capt Larkin was nominated for the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy.

27 June - 10 July1982 Deployed to Eglin AFB, FlL to participate in the WSEPTEMBER and the Electronic Warfare Evaluation Program (EWEP).

01 July- 30 September 1982 Awards and Decorations: Capt Michael B. Larkin was nominated for the Claire E. Chennault Award; AFAM, 1.

14 -17 September 1982 Hosted 4 A-7s from Buckley AFB, CO for DACT.

07 - 21 August 1982 The 49 TFW was the host unit for RED FLAG 82-5 being held at Nellis AFB, NV. The 7 TFS was a participant.

October 1982 Capts David C. Carlson and John R. Rivers were two of five pilots selected to represent 12th Air Force in the William Tell Competition at Tyndall AFB, FL.

17 - 21 November 1982 Deployed to Nellis AFB, NV.

01 January - 31 March 1983 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 3; AFCM, 4.

07 January 1983 Flew a 99 sortie surge and accomplished low level step down training and practice low altitude intercepts.

12 - 14 January 1983 Flew in BUSHWACKER 83-1, a locally generated composite force training exercise to simulate lane defense in Europe.

24 January 1983 Deployed to the EWEP range in Florida.

05 February 1983 Participated in RED FLAG 83-2 at Nellis AFB, NV.

14 - 28 March 1983 Took part in the Management Effectiveness Inspection (MEI). Squadron received an overall excellent rating with the Weapons and Tactics division receiving an outstanding. The Weapons shop at the 7th was the only weapons area in the 833d Air Division to receive such a rating.

25 April - 06 May 1983 Hosted the 64 FWS Aggressors.

09 May 1983 Aircraft 770094 was lost due to an accident. Pilot survived.

16 - 19 May 1983 Hosted A-7s of the 140 TFW from Buckley ANG, CO.

June 1983 Flew in support of Patriot Air Defense System validation tests conducted at White Sands Missile Range.

26 August 1983 Deployed several aircraft to Lahr CFB, Germany in support of the NATO exercise COLD FIRE.

24 - 28 October 1983 Participated in BUSHWHACKER II, Combined Force Training.

01 January - 31 March 1984 Awards and Decorations: 7 TFS was named the Operations Squadron of the Quarter; Captain Patrick J. Hartmann and 1st Lt John C. Becker won the Top Gun of the Quarter; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 1.

03 - 31 March 1984 Participated in Combined Force Training, GREEN FLAG 84 at Nellis AFB, NV.

01 April - 30 June 1984 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3.

01 July- 30 September 1984 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3.

18 August - 01 September 1984 Participated in RED FLAG 84-5 at Nellis AFB, NV.

01 October - 31 December 1984 Awards and Decorations: Captain Douglas Fraser was selected to compete in William Tell 84 and finished first in dart gunnery and second overall in the Top Gun competition; Major Jerry Coy was promoted to LTC; 1st Lt John Becker was promoted to Capt.

29 October - 02 November 1984 Hosted the 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron/Fighter Weapons School from the Air National Guard at McConnell AFB, KS, for fighter weapons school syllabus.

13 - 17 November 1984/26 November - 18 December 1984 Hosted the 388 TFW from Hill AFB, UT for BUSHWACKER, Composite Force Training.

01 January - 31 March 1985 Awards and Decorations: Lt Robert Norris (USN) won the Air Medal, 1; MSM, 2; AFCM 5; Maj Bradford was selected for Lt Col; Capt Crowe was promoted to Maj.

05 - 19 January 1985 Deployed to Hickam AFB, HI for SENTRE TIGRE.

February 1985 During the 49 TFW Top Gun Competition Lt Col John Judd and 1st Lt Matthew Copp won Top Aces award and also the overall TOP GUN Award for excellence in both the air-to-air and DART portions of the Competition. The 7 TFS also won the Deputy Commander for Operations Trophy for best fighter squadron. Finally, Col Cox presented the Wing Commander’s Trophy for the best fighter squadron and aircraft maintenance unit to the 7 TFS/AMU.

03 - 09 March 1985 Deployed to Tyndall AFB, FL for WSEPTEMBER.

08 - 11 April 1985 Deployed to Nellis AFB, NV in support of F-16 Fighter Weapons School.

11 - 18 April 1985 Hosted BUSHWACKER, flying against AT-38s from the 479 TTW.

03 - 14 June 1985 Entire squadron deployed to Decker Field, Wendover, UT for RED FLAG 85-4. Over 320 personnel deployed, the largest deployment for the 49 TFW since May 1983.

08 - 12 July1985 Deployed to Davis Monthan AFB, AZ for A-10 RTU support.

29 July- 03 August 1985 Deployed to Boise, ID to support RF-4 training.

02 - 11 August 1985 Deployed to McConnell AFB, Ks for F-4 Air National Guard Fighter Weapons School support.

16 - 21 September 1985 Deployed to Mountain Home AFB, ID supporting Hill AFB, UT ORI.

01 October - 31 December 1985 Awards and Decorations: 1st Lts Jon Sutter and Fred Clifton won 49 TFW Top Gun Award in October; TSgt Joseph Cosler was selected as the 49 TFW’s Life Support NCO of the Half and was nominated for 12th AF Aircrew Life Support NCO of the Half.

28 - 30 October 1985 Hosted F-4Ds from the McConnell Air National Guard, KS for Fighter Weapons School Syllabus support.

23 August 86 Supported BLUE HORIZON with 8 F-15s.

01 April - 30 June 1987 Awards and Decorations: 1st Lt Kevin Wurster received the TOP GUN Award; 7 TFS received the 49 TFW TOP GUN Award, 01 May 87.

April 1987 Selected for a 12 AF Composite Force involving aircraft from 3 major commands.

June 1987 Participated in 2 deployments to California, Castle AFB in support of AMALGUM CHIEF, and Mather AFB for the Murieta Air Show.

01 July- 30 September 1987 Awards and Decorations: Lt Col Mike Guth was selected for promotion to Col; Capts Wayne Willis and John Barton to Maj; 1st Lts Mark Koch, Clark Rogers and David Uzzell to Capt; Sgt Kevin Frye and A1C Anthony Henderson were nominated for 12 AF NCO and Airman of the Year.

20 - 25 July 1987/25 July - 9 August 1987 Deployed to Nellis AFB, NV for CONSTANT PEG and remained for F-16 Fighter Weapons Instructor Course.

31 May 1989 Capt Teddy T. Varwing of the 7th TFS was present with the Lt Col Anthony C. Shine Award.

12 October - 18 November 1989 Deployed to Howard AFB, Panama in support of Operation JUST CAUSE. The squadron was there to help oust Gen. Noriega, who was no longer the democratically elected leader.

12 - 15 December 1989 Won the 49 TFW’s quarterly TOP GUN Competition.

11 June - 9 July1990 Deployed 12 F-15s to Gilze-Rijen AB, the Netherlands for a NATO exercise, CENTRAL ENTERPRISE.

02 December 1993 Took over the mission of training F-117A Stealth pilots from the 417th Fighter Squadron which was deactivated. The 417th was part of the Top Secret Stealth Community at Tonapah, NV. Lt Col James Phillips, Jr. assumed command.

30 September - 18 October 1994 Deployed 4 F-117s and 59 people to Lakenheath Air Base, England for training missions. This marks the first deployment to the United Kingdom.

21 October 1994 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 2; AFCM, 1: AFAM, 2

09 November 1994 Lt Col Gregory M. Nicholl assumed command of the 7 FS.

25 November 1994 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 2. Members of the 7 FS was recognized for winning the Flag Football Championship.

13 January 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3; AFAM, 2.

15 February 1995 Part of the 49th Fighter Wing team which won the first New Mexico Bombing Competition. Went up against eight F-111s from Cannon AFB and eight F-16s from the New Mexico Air National Guard from Kirtland AFB.

24 February 1995 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 2; AFCM, 1; AFAM, 1; Joint CCD Task Force, 8.

1 March 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3; Good Conduct Medal, 2. SrA Mlynek was selected BTZ to Senior Airman. SSgt Lugaro was the 1995 Professional Provider of the Year.

21 April 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1; AFAM, 1. CGO of the Quarter, Capt Migyanko; SNCO, MSgt Setmaer: NCO Performer of the Quarter, SSgt Barnhart; Amn, SrA Payne.

26 May 1995 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 1; AFAM, 1.

30 June 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1, AFAM, 3. Quarterly Award winners (2nd quarter), CGO, 1st Lt Custer; SNCO, MSgt Parker; Airman, A1C Phillips; NCO Performer of the Quarter, SSgt Gerstner; Amn, A1C Mlynek.

4 August 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1; AFAM, 1. SMSgt Barton was presented a Certificate for the Gen Lew Allen Jr. Trophy. 7 FS individuals made 11 suggestions, netting them $775.

25 August 1995 Won the quarterly Nighthawk bombing competition.

31 August - 7 September 1995 The squadron sent F-117s and people to Hawaii for the Victory in the Pacific, celebrating the victory in WWII. Many members of the 7 FS were able to shake hands with the President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

28 September 1995 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 2; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 1. A letter of appreciation was given to the L.O. Flight for low MARS hours, 786/deployed.

27 October 1995 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 2; AFCM, 4; AFAM, 2. SSgt Proctor was the 1994 Gen Lew Allen Trophy recipient. Quarterly Award Winners: CGO, Capt Mills; SNCO, MSgt Parker; NCO, SSgt McDonald; Amn, SrA Mason; NCO Performer, MSgt Cederquist; Amn, SrA Hayes.

28 November 1995 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 1; AFAM, 2.

4th Quarter, 1995 Awards and Decorations: Quarterly Award Winners, CGO, Capt Trizinsky; SNCO, MSgt Parker; NCO Performer, SSgt Archer; Amn, SrA Toikkanen; Information Manager, NCO, SSgt Archer, Amn, A1C Donre.

13 February 1996 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3; AFAM, 2.

5 April 1996 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 1; GCM, 1; Quarterly Awards, CGO, 2nd Lt Lee; SNCO, MSgt Irick; NCO SSgt Stengel; Amn, SrA Tapper; Performers, NCO, SSgt Tully; Amn A1C Mitrick; Information Manager, NCO, SSgt Archer; Amn A1C Gardner.

1 May 1996 Awards and Decorations: AFAM, 1.

May 1996 May 1996 Quality Air Force Assessment (QAFA)

    • ACC IG rated us "Outstanding"
    • Second highest score to date in ACC
    • 4 Superior Performance Teams (Phase, LO, Safety, Admin)
    • 8 Superior Performers
    • Comments such as:
      • "Easiest, most fun assessment I’ve ever done"
      • "Never seen such a high level of unit pride in any other unit"

    • Senior Leadership
    • Taking care of people
      • Gen Leo Marquez (CGO)
      • Gen Lew Allen (2 SNCOs)
      • OG SNCO of the Year, 2 years running
      • Crew Chief of the Year
      • Below the Zone winners
  • Last OG board CGO, NCO, and AMN winners

June 1996 Lt Col Nicholl, commander of the 7 FS, completed his 1,000 hour mark in the F-117.

7 June 1996 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 3; AFAM, 1. Capt Drinkard was awarded a plaque for achieving 600 hours in the F-117A.

19 July 96 Awards and Decorations: AFCM, 2; AFAM, 1. Quarter Winners, CGO, Capt Richey; SNCO, MSgt Hill, NCO TSgt Murdock; Amn, SrA Davis; Performers, NCO, TSgt Brown; Amn, SrA Boscher; Information Manager, A1C Gardner. Capt Whetstone was also presented a plaque for achieving 600 hours in the F-117A.

23 August 1996 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 3; AFGCM, 1. The 7 FS was introduced to its new 1st Sergeant, MSgt Luis Gonzalez.

3rd Quarter, 1996 Quarter Award Winners: CGO, 1st Lt Hammond; SNCO, SMSgt Neussendorfer; NCO, SSgt Barnhart; Amn, SrA Reeder; Information Manager, A1C Gardner.

11 October 1996 Lt Col Richard A. Dunham assumed command.

23 October 1996 Won the quarterly LODEO. SSgt Bob Tully, SrA Mitch Fulmer and A1C Micah Bennett. By winning the LODEO, they also won Load Crew of the Quarter.

1 November 1996 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 3; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 1.

20 December 1996 Awards and Decorations: MSM, 1; AFCM, 2; AFAM, 2; GCM, 1. Quarterly Award Winners: CGO, 1st Musselman; SNCO; MSgt Pacificar; NCO, TSgt Curnayn; Amn A1C Hurley. Yearly Award Winners were: CGO, 1st Lt Hammond; SNCO, SMSgt Neussendorfer; NCO, TSgt Curnayn; Amn, SrA Tapper.

Fiscal Year 1996, Other 7 FS achievements 49th Fighter Wing nominee for the Verne Orr award for exceptional human resource utilization.

49th Fighter Wing nominee for the Hoyt S. Vandenberg award for dedication to quality and excellence in the field of education and training.

Nominated for the 1996 Maintenance Effectiveness Award

    • Highest FMC rate last 2 years
    • Highest Weapons release rate last 2 years—100 percent
    • Lowest RAM hour backlog
    • Lowest abort rate
  • Lowest repeat/recur rates

Air Combat Command Unit Safety Award of Distinction

    • Flew 12,286 sorties and 17,638 flying hours without a class A or B mishap
  • 96 percent of sorties returned Code 1

Tasked to Augment real-world tasking in support of Operation DENY FLIGHT. We generated three aircraft—with first 2 aircraft ready for deployment to Bosnia.

Augmented the 8th and 9th with pilots, technicians and aircraft during the Phase I and II ORIs—wing "Excellent" rating

  • 7th pilots 100 percent hit rate

First "Outstanding" rating in flying evaluations from 12 AF Standardization and Evaluation Team in 3 years

ACC Logistics Operations Consultant and Assistance Team rated our Low Observable section "Best in the wing"

March 1997 Augmented the 8th and 9th with 50 technicians, and 2 aircraft for ACC Phase I ORI--wing "Excellent" rating. 4 Superior performers; 1 part of superior team.

1st Quarter, 1997 Quarterly Award Winners: CGO, Capt Whetstone; SNCO, MSgt Taylor; NCO, SSgt McDonald; Amn, SrA Mlynek; Performers, NCO, SSgt Williams; Amn, Amn Larrea; Load Crew, SSgt Sams, A1C Laird, Amn Larrea.

1 April - 30 June 1997 Awards and Decorations: Winners of the 1st quarter were selected. They included: CGO, Capt Bryan "B.K. Knight; SNCO, MSgt Donald Hansen; NCO, SSgt David A. Bamburg; and Airman of the Quarter, A1C Matthew Messinger. SSgt Bamburg went on to win NCO of the quarter for the 49th Operations Group. Performer of the Quarter, SSgt David Hollister and LODEO winners were SSgt Sams and A1Cs Laird and Larrea. SrA Kevin Guathier won the Leadership Award and John Levito Award in Airman Leadership School. Maj Gus Kohntopp was selected as ACC IP of the Year for 1996. 1st Lt Brian T. Musselman was the 49th Fighter Wing nominee for the Gen Lew Allen Trophy; 1st Lt Michael T. Hammond was the 49th Fighter Wing nominee for the Gen Lance P. Sijan Trophy and the Gen Leo Marquez Award; The 7 FS won the 49 FW Maintenance Effectiveness Award for 1996. The 7th Fighter Squadron also lost several NCOs to retirement. Those retiring included: SMSgt Neussendorfer and MSgts Jones, Morris, Laster, McFarlin and Hill.

2 July - 8 July 1997 Went TDY to Hickam AFB, Hawaii in support of an airshow commemorating the Air Force’s 50th Anniversary.

24 - 29 July 1997 Several members went TDY to Eglin AFB, FL to support the Det 1 Change of Command.

1 July - 30 September 1997 Awards and Decorations: Selection to promotion to SSgt: SrAs Andrade, Hernandez, Kowalski, Mlynek, Prudhomme, Reeder, Roszak, Tapper, and Valenzuela.

September 1997 F-117A crashes during airshow, Capt ‘BK’ Knight ejects safetly.