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Please feel free to leave comments and information, especially if you were a part of the 7th Figther Squadron.  Information deemed presentable, will be posted on the Guest Info Page.  In the past people have left questionalble comments on the page, so this is the easiest form to filter comments and be respectable in what we post on this site.  For previous entries before this change, Click Here.  To submit something for the Guest Book, Click Here.

Super Dave

As the F-22 has arrived the 7 FS at Holloman AFB, NM, we are sending a call out to any former 7 FS members for memorabilia, pictures or other historical items. If you have anything you would like to place in the squadron please contact August Pfluger at 575-572-5081 or august.pfluger@holloman.af.mil

August Pfluger, July 22, 2008

Name: Maria (Rodriguez) Hardy

E-mail: levjw5@yahoo.com

Date of Gustbook Entry: 17 December 2007

Years assigned to the 7 FS: 1981-1985

Your Comments: I enjoyed working in the 7th Fighter Squadron. I was an orderly room specialist and I will always have fond memories of my time there.

Maria (Rodriguez) Hardy, Dec 17, 2007

Name: Michael L. Mitchell Jr.

E-mail: kitcatnsnickers@yahoo.com

Date of Gustbook Entry: 12/19/2007

Years assigned to the 7 FS: 1986 to 1989 Your Comments: Loved working the Eagles and would like to hear from anyone else that might have served during those years, as I have lost contact with my fellow airmen!

Michael L. Mitchell Jr., Dec 19, 2007


My father, Kenneth R. Saunders, was a member of the 7 FS from 1942 until 1945. He died in September 1991.


Raymond Saunders, Capt. USAF (ret) May 30, 2007

It was great to see a picture of my Dad, Ret. Col. Bron Burke on your sqadron commander's picture link! I keep a framed Bunyip flight patch in my apartment to this day!

Beth Burke, November 1, 2006

Hi Jack,
Hope this email finds you doing good. As promised, here are some updates on Sutliff.  I wrote the National Archives for info such as DD 214 or 201 file but did not receive them because I was not next of kin. i.e. brother, sister, wife etc. I have found several Blackwell ,Oklahoma newspaper articles whereby Don went down three times.  The first in November 22, 1942, a second "caterpillar" landing sometime between November 22, 1942 and July, 1943. He had returned to the states  in August 1943 and was to be an instructor at St. Louis, MO.  However, he asked to be reassigned to PNG and returned in January, 1944. My notes indicate he married a girl in Sydney, AU and returned to PNG. His final bail out was from a P-38 over PNG on October 22, 1944. Gov't records indicate he was classified as MIA or Buried at Sea.
Jack, I am not sure that he was reassigned to the 7th FS when he returned to PNG. But have not been able to find any info on that.
Hope your search for Biak Aircraft has been going well.

Jack Fenimore, 27 Jun 06

Here is a final on Sutliff. Parachuted from his P-38 over New Guinea on October 22, 1944 and reported MIA  or Buried at Sea. NARA report declares date of death as October 22,1944. Marker in American Manila Cemetery, Manila, Philippines without body.
Sutliff received  the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 1 bronze service star and World War II Victory Medal.
I hope this can help you and I will forward you my biography on him upon its completion. I would ask that you list his name among the deceased at the 7th website.  Thanks,

Delmar, 27 Jun 06

I am seeking information about the death of my Uncle, 1st Lt. George M. Rogers who died on May 4, 1945.  I was named after him and know very little about his death.  The only thing that I heard was that a plane landed on top of his plane.  If anyone knows more of the details, please let me know.  My father was his last surviving brother who died in November, 2005.  Thank you for any help.                  
George M. Rogers


George M. Rogers, 14 May 06

My name is Chuck Nelson.  My dad, Airman 1st Class (A1C) Myles Nelson, is a former member of the 7th FBS.  He does not have a computer, so when I found your site, I called him and he was excited.  I do not know the last time that I have heard him like this. 

I told him about the reunion in 2005 being cancelled and postponed to 2006.  I also told him that I would find out when it was and let him know.  If you could let me know where and when, I know he is interested in coming.  He needs to get out and do something.  He has not been many places since my mom passed away several years ago.  This would be something that I think he would definitely do.

A little about my dad.  He was stationed in Kunson, Korea in 1953.  He handled and loaded all of the bombs, including the nukes, on the F-84's.  Since being cleared and able to talk about what he did, he has shared some of the things that he did.  In 1954, the squadron was moved to Fukuoka, Japan and he was stationed at Itazuki Air Force Base.

Please let me know when and where the reunion is and I will pass on the information


Date:  19 April 2006

Chuck Nelson

Years assigned to the 7 FS: 1983-1986

Your Comments: I was with the 'Bunyaps' Jan 1983-May 1986 as Crew Chief to the Squadron's jet (77-0137). Lt. Col. John Judd was the 7th's Commander followed by lt.Col William Guth. Went to Crested Cap in 1983, William Tell '84, to Duluth for the dedication of the Bong bridge,& Wendover, these are just among the many TDY's we did. Had a great time while a member of the 7th. Many fond memories. Hopefully I'm sending some pictures too.  Date:  15 April 2006

Richard Ray

I was the 7th TFS Flight Surgeon 1983-87 at Holloman AFB, and the Bunyaps helped me win USAF Tactical Air Command Flight Surgeon of the Year, 1985). My years with the Bunyaps have remained very fond memories. I'm proud to have served as a Bunyap!  Date:  12 March 2006


Stephen "Doc" Fitch


MARILYNNMEMORIES@AOL.COM Entry date:  11 March 2006


Date of Gustbook Entry: 29 Dec 05

Years assigned to the 7 FS: 1964-1967, Spangdahlem AFB, Germany Your Comments: My dad, Adam Mintz, was the first shirt of the 7th TFS. He's no longer with us, but I have the Bunyap Shield he was given by the pilots of the 7th. I even made a cake with the Bunyap drawn on it in frosting. It was for an open house held at the 7th. I miss Dad and I loved the Air Force life. Thank all of you for what you do!

Joan M Mintz



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